Second Match at Sunnybank

    The lovely kennel club that introduced Jake and I to the world of Rally have altered how I spend my day to day life. I have discovered that there is an actual reason to train my puppy again.
    When they showed us the path to Match shows, we reluctantly embarked on the journey, and as you saw in our last entry, learned about teamwork, how to take pride in our hard work, and accomplishments.
    They suggest we continue with Matches, and even though there wasn’t a Rally Match, we once again heeded the voice of reason, and did so.
    The Collie Rescue club was hosting a Match at SunnyBank, and having Jake perform where his distance relatives once romped and played makes me melt a little inside.
    This Match was in obedience.
    Did you know not all Matches are created equally?
    I had no idea.
    This Match did not allow for the use of food in the ring. That disturbed me for more than it did the dogling.
    We entered two Matches that day. Novice, and Beginner Novice Obedience.
    The Novice ran first. Friends prompted me to tell the judge that was an uncharted path for us, and I did so.
     The judge kindly walked me through a disastrous run where I failed time and time again. This is what happened when you are unprepared. Still, it was a great experience.
    I learned that obedience is very strict compared to rally. I am in the habit of giving my dog multiple commands via voice and hand signals. I never thought about what I did with my hands before, but I sure have to now.
    This experience wasn’t a total failure. After the crash course in Novice, we still had the run in Beginners Novice.  
    Jake was such a good boy, and the course was so much easier after having went through the Novice. This was what we had hoped to enter before I got brave and signed up for two.
    Even with my faults, we managed to have a great run. He was called back in at the end and we came in second in the class with a qualifying score. He would have had his first leg toward his BN. I am so proud of my little boy, and grateful for the support of our friends.
    This is such a nerve-wracking but exciting journey to be on. I have worked with dogs most of my life, but anxiety has always prevented me from showing. I am slowly fighting down the demons of anxiety and discovering a wonderful new world that I am enjoying quite a lot!

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