Welcome 2016

2015 has passed in a blur. In January of last year I lost my beloved border collie.


She was my heart and soul and without her I was lost.

The year flew by while I attempted to move on with my life.

God tried to guide me toward the correct paths, but I wasn’t ready. That was ok, I still managed to find a way to do some good.

I fostered this lovely fellow:


He found a lovely home with a family that adores him.

I made fantastic friends, and went on awesome adventures.

One of the best parts of 2015 was turning my Icelandic mare into a trail horse!



The collie met his brother at Sunnybank, I learned to take better pictures, and he learned to pose!


2016 is very exciting for us. This year offers us the opportunity live in God’s light and follow the path that will bring us a wonderful life, to our specifications. No more forcing myself to follow the trail I think is the proper one! We are going to embrace the insanity of a life that prioritizes characters, horses, dogs, and clicker training. You only get one life, time for me to live mine embracing what brings me the most joy!


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