Insurance Woes

Jake the collie is an insured beast. This means his owner will never have to drown in her own tears in utter misery because she can’t provide him with the medical care he needs. This always means insurance. And insurance woes. He was covered under Nationwide’s Wellness plan. It was super. Paid hundreds for basic care. It even covers dentals. And Jake needs a dental.

The problem was it didn’t cover the “Oh No” bad things that could rear their ugly little heads. No assurance of being able to handle any medical challenge head on warrior style. So, an upgrade was required.

The best plan was new. They are still working out the kinks. In order to switch to the new plan I had to give up the old plan. Trick is the dental is no longer covered and is a preexisting condition. So now it needs to be done by the 11th.

Today was spent frantically calling vet offices trying to find one that could accommodate a last minute dental, and indulge in my particular brand of difficult-owner syndrome.

My boy isn’t being locked in a crate only to be hauled out by some well-meaning but who knows how good they are tech. He is a flower. A think of beauty that shouldn’t be rumpled or wilted. He stays with his mother until it is time for the work to start.

Thankfully, after some shifting of things my regular vet was able to fit him in on Friday and is cool with me handling my own dog. I trust them with him after he is knocked out and recovering.

They are awesome vets. They will do a great job. I just worry about his mental well-being prior to the work being done. They indulge me. I write them raving reviews.

In other news, expect a toy-review soon. Jake has so many of them it seems like a new fun project.



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